How to Transform and Upgrade Your Garage Space

If you’ve been viewing your garage as nothing more than a storage space, it’s time to start looking at it in a whole other light. With just a bit of work, you can totally transform and upgrade your garage into something stylish, organized, comfortable, and functional. Get ready to start looking at your garage with fresh eyes.

Clean Out the Garage

In order to get a sense of your garages’ true and full potential, it's important to start by cleaning it out completely. You need to be aware of the space you're working with, and its condition. After you remove everything from the garage, the next step is to give it a good clean. If you’ve got a concrete/cement floor like most garages have, you can sweep out all the large debris and dirt, and then hose it down with water. Allow it to dry completely before you do anything else to it.

Consider Insulating and Finishing the Walls
Most garages have unfinished walls, which is fine if you plan on using it for storage and parking your car. If you want to go all out and transform it into a living space, then you’ll want to insulate and then finish the walls. This means dry walling and then painting the garage.

Give the Floors a New Look
Rather than sticking with the typical cement flooring in the garage, you could look at upgrading to a granite garage floor. This flooring option makes cleaning easy, it’s incredibly durable, and it gives the garage a much more finished look.

Install Storage
There is nothing worse than a garage filled with clutter. If it feels like you’re playing a game of Jenga each time you try to take an item out of the garage, then it is definitely time to focus on storage. Popular options include cabinets, shelves, and even hanging shelves from the ceiling if you’ve got a lot of height to work with. You can even dedicate a full wall of the garage to nothing other than storage.

Upgrade the Garage Door
Nowadays, you can find all kinds of fabulous and stylish options when itcomes to garage doors. This one step alone will completely change the look of the garage. For added convenience, be sure to install a garage door opening system that is quiet and smooth.

Make it a Workspace 
If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect workbench for all your tools and equipment, the garage can provide you with the answers you’re after. You can build or install a bench and then surround it with storage options. Having the proper workspace will likely encourage you to tackle more DIY projects.

Look at the Garage as a Blank Slate
Rather than just seeing your garage as a place to park your car and store all kinds of items, why not look at it as a blank slate and think of ways you can use the space to its full potential. 

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