Make Yourself An Indoor Getaway With A Loft Conversion

No matter where you live in the world, the price of every square foot in a home is becoming harder to get at a reasonable price. Which makes it surprising that so many homeowners don’t do more to maximize the space they already have.

For example, making better use of your vertical space can turn a home that feels cramped into one that feels rich and spacious.One of the most effective ways to increase both the value and available space of your home is a loft conversion. If you didn’t know, this refers to converting the space between the ceiling and roof into a liveable area.

It may sound daunting, but it’s far more affordable and easy than expanding the walls of your home.

Nuts and Bolts
Before we look at ideas for what you could do with your existing loft, it’s very important that you have a good idea of what will be involved in the process. Whether you do the conversion yourself or have a professional tackle it, I recommend that you read a thorough and detailed conversion guide to help you understand all the factors.

With that done, let’s look at the cool ideas that may become a reality in your own loft.

A Thoughtful Retreat
If you share your home with a family or any other regular tenants it may be hard sometimes to find a personal space where you can be productive or just spend some time with your own thoughts.

Turning your loft into a dedicated study or just a small reading room can create just such a space for you. If you are smart with the placement of windows you can even ensure a view that will increase the illusion of space and solitude.

Massage Away Your Stress
Since loft conversions add rooms that are basically luxuries, you can afford to do something decadent. So why not create a space for pampering? Adding a massage table and a large hot bath can create a place where you can physically recover from life’s stresses.

Where you find someone to give you the massage is your business.

The Ultimate Man Cave or Lady Loft
Everyone is a little geeky about something. Often we don’t want to intrude on the main home or shared living space with posters, figures or other signs of our personal obsessions. That’s where the idea of the “man cave” or lately “lady loft” came about.

It’s a room used to contain our more playful personality aspects. A loft is the perfect place to turn into your most psychologically comfortable place. Filled with your own guilty pleasures. Be they video games or vintage vinyl rock music.

A Vlogger's Dream
Thanks to YouTube everyone wants to be a star these days and vlogging is still a popular genre of YouTube video. If you want your videos to look good you need a space with the right lighting and layout, but most people wouldn’t want a small studio in the middle of their home.

Loft are perfect for permanent studio spaces, making it easy to produce great videos and giving you access to gorgeous natural light with the right window choices.

Lofty Ambitions
The loft is such an overlooked choice when it comes to making a home into something really special, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Be sure to check out our article on how you can also do some amazing things with that other neglected space: the garage.

Holland and Green Architectural Design via Flickr (CC BY)

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