DIY Terrariums with Masons Home Decor

Why are terrariums so expensive? I never fail to ask that question to myself whenever I spot ready-made terrariums for sale. I have been meaning to buy one but I couldn't bear to part ways with my $$$. I will just buy materials and DIY it with the kids, I always say trying to convince myself that buying a terrarium is sort of a luxury, at least for the ever practical mom-me.

Well, you would have guessed, the DIY terrarium did not materialize until Masons Home Decor sent us a big brown box filled with all the things we need to make terrariums. Yes, there's no typo error there. Terrarium with s because we were given not 1, not 2 but 3 terrariums to make! I have proven time and again that even if you don't pray for something, God really knows all your heart's desires.

Pardon me for digressing (as always) but I was really delighted to finally own a terrarium, and a DIY at that some more! What I really loved about it is that I get to do it with the kids in the comfort of our home-sweet-home which I fondly call Casa Calasanz. You might have read about the workshop we attended a few weekends ago where we enjoyed so much making our own Concrete Collage.

We traveled all the way to Buona Vista for that. It was worth it but to be really honest, there are times when the kids and us, parents just wish to have lazy weekends at home. And when I mean lazy is that we get to just relax at home and do things we love like gardening (we have a mini vertical garden that greets us at our main door), arts and craft, and in this weekend's case, making our own terrarium.

The big brown box that I mentioned earlier was delivered at home last Thursday. As soon as I came home from work, G asked me to open it with him so I promised I will let him take a peek what's inside but we'll have to wait till Saturday to make the terrariums. It was totally a wrong move on my part because well, kids will always be kids.

After dinner, G begged that he make his own terrarium and so I let my flag down and let him be. By the time he finished, K got tempted to join in the fun after doing her homework. In the end, 2 of the 3 terrariums which are supposed to be our weekend family project was made on the very same day the terrarium kit was delivered to us. I have to say though that their excitement was brought about by the recent DIY Concrete Collage workshop we attended. The fun we had was still fresh from their memory hence their extreme excitement.

Here's their finish product:

I did not document the kids making their DIY terrariums step-by-step because it was a challenge to take good photographs at night. My saving grace is, there is one more jar for me to do and that is the one I managed to document because I did it on a Saturday morning whilst the kids are still sleeping.

For your reference, here are the materials needed to make a terrarium:
  • terrarium jars
  • succulents
  • premium terrarium mix
  • activated charcoal
  • basic terrarium tools
  • small rocks and decorative pebbles
  • terrarium accessories
And here are the 3 simple steps to follow:


  • Cover the bottom of your jar with a layer of small rocks. I got too excited and forgot to take a photo of the small rocks before proceeding to steps 2 and 3, hence the photo with a layer of activated charcoal and soil.


  • Put a layer of activated charcoal. The charcoal will serve as a drainage layer so that the roots of the plant will not rot.

Step 3

  • Fill your jar halfway with soil and put your plants in. Decorate in however way you like it!

Tada! Presenting my very own rainbow garden in the form of a terrarium!
The OC in me tried to cover all the soil with the decorative pebbles for aesthetic reasons. Please excuse me hooting my own horn but isn't my creation just beautiful? 

Confession: I took some of the terrarium accessories from K and G's terrarium and below are what's left in them. I am glad they didn't mind as I told them I made the rainbow garden with them in mind. 



I know we are not supposed to spray the succulents too much but every morning, the kids give them a "shower". 

I have one realization after making my own terrarium. I now know why pre-made terrariums are sold with a hefty price tag. It sounds and looks like it is too easy to make but it wasn't in reality. Some of the challenges I faced include:
  • accidentally covering the plants and accessories with soil and decorative pebbles 
  • cleaning up the plants and accessories 
  • covering all the soil with pebbles for aesthetic purposes 
  • keeping the terrarium jar clean 
The next time I see a terrarium for sale, I will not ask myself anymore why are they so expensive. It is for the very same reason why handmade jewelries are a lot more expensive than the ones sold in the mall which were made through massive production in a factory setting. Just like handmade jewelries, terrariums are the end product of a labour of love.

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Disclaimer: We were provided by Masons Home Decor with a complete terrarium kit for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are my own. No other monetary compensation was received. 


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