The Essentials You Need for Traveling with a Baby

Having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t travel. While you may opt for shorter breaks or stick closer to home there is nothing to stop you taking your baby with you on holidays and adventures. Taking a break occasionally is a great way to rest and recharge your batteries. Seeing new sights will also help your baby’s development. The idea of a holiday with a baby or toddler might seem scary, but these essentials will help to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Lightweight Pushchair
Lightweight pushchairs such as these from Icklebubba are a brilliant option when it comes to travelling with children. They are convenient when it comes to both travelling and storing in a hotel. Most airlines will let you keep a lightweight pushchair with you right up until you board the plane, so it also makes the airport much less stressful.

While you will be able to buy sunscreen at your destination, it may not adhere to our standards or be a high SPF and it will be much more expensive than at home. For babies and toddlers, you’ll need factor-50.

Babies aren’t very good with hats. They try to take them off and they get lost. So, pack a few. Make sure they have a brim and a neck cover. Pack one in your hand luggage so it’s easy to assess as soon as you get off the plane.

Food and Drinks
Snacks and drinks are a great way to keep older children occupied during the journey. Check current airline guidance before you travel to check any restrictions on what you can take with you.

Young babies will with any luck sleep for most of the journey, but it’s still a good idea to take some of their favourite toys and games to help them feel secure while you are away. If you’ve got toddlers and older children you might want to take a tablet or games console to keep them busy.

If you plan to drive while you are away you will need protective shades for the car windows, as direct sunlight through a window can damage a baby’s skin. You’ll also need a parasol or shade on the pushchair.

Medication and Toiletries
It’s a good idea to pack nappies, wipes, and some child-safe paracetamol. While many of these will be available at your destination, babies have sensitive skin so it’s best to stick to what you know.

Portable Highchair
Portable fabric highchairs are ideal for use when travelling. While some restaurants will have their own, taking one with you means you don’t have to worry. They fit on to a regular chair so don’t’ take up extra space and can be folded into your bag when you are done.

Remember that unless you are going somewhere exceptionally remote, most of these things will be available at your destination so don’t panic if you have forgotten anything. Enjoy your holiday, have fun with your baby, watching them explore new tastes, textures, and feelings, and get as much rest as you can.

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