5 Things I Love About Gaston Luga Backpack

I am most comfortable when in denim jeans or shorts, cotton top, sneakers and backpack. I only wear a nice and fancy dress, sexy and pointy high heels, and fashionable lady bags or clutches on special occasions like weddings and other formal events. I must be a boy in my past life that I tend to choose comfort over style. The question is, can someone like me be fashionable and stylish too without compromising comfort?

The answer is a resounding YES!

All I need is a sparkly sneakers, boyfriend jeans, signature shirt, grey jacket and a stylish backpack! I have to admit though that it was my backpack that made me look like a cool and stylish university student. It actually brought me back to my memorable days in the dental infirmary where I am always seen lugging a bulky backpack filled with books, dental materials and instruments.

Gaston Luga backpack is love! Here are 5 things I liked most about it:

1) It's classic design.
Since I am not one who tends to follow the fashion trend, I am all about classic pieces that I can wear over and over again for a long period of time without going out of style, be it with clothes, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories. I love how I can carry my Gaston Luga with me anywhere, be it in the beach, theme park, and even at work.

2) It's durable material.
With the intention to offer something different and unique to customers who love carrying backpack, Gaston Luga's founder, Carl Sandqvist got rid of the usual fluffy shoulder pads, plastic materials and thin fabric which most backpacks of the earlier days are made of. Gaston Luga is made of thick, high quality cotton, leather parts and metal hardware.

3) It's size.
Gaston Luga backpack is so roomy, it can fit my laptop, huge DLSR camera, books, journals and other blogging and/or travel essentials. I can even squeeze in my scrub suit, water bottle and other documents in it when I go to work! When I am with the kids, I can also fit in their extra clothes and other kids' must-haves on a family day out.

4) It's extra pockets and compartments.
I love how there are conveniently and strategically placed extra pockets and compartments in and out of the backpack that could fit my laptop, phones, hard drive, portable charger, and even my EZ link card (this tiny pocket behind the backpack is where I usually put the card so that I can conveniently take it out when I travel by train or bus).

5) It's user-friendliness.
It is very evident that so much thought on a customer's convenience was given when Gaston Luga was custom-made. See that small pocket? It was conveniently placed at the lower front of the backpack with travelers in mind. It perfectly fits passports, air tickets and hand phone and wallet. Apart from the magnetic buttons, a zip was also placed to make sure that all the valuable things you put in it are secure.

Isn't this backpack a must-have? I just used it when we went for a beach staycation and a spur of the moment island hopping and loved its versatility. I can't wait to use it when we travel out of the country next month!

Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. They have have a plethora of classic, elegant and stylish designs and colours to choose from. Their brand's inspiring story reignited my passion in exploring the world. Quote "sweetmemoirs15" to get 15% off your purchase at www.gastonluga.com. It is always free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country). They have different classic and stylish designs and colours to choose from. 

We were provided with the backpack for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are our own. Do note that the colour intensity of the backpack varies due to lighting. 


  1. I love backpacks! The colour looks good, the size looks big enough to keep my things and it looks fashionable too. I can imagine carrying this bag for most occasions.

  2. My Wife Would always choose comfort over chic. And this bag seems versatile for many occasions :)

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Yayyy to backpacks...
    Can even share it with the kids 👍👍👍
    Is it machine washable coz the light pink might get dirty easily?

  4. Gaston luga range looks awesome both quality and stylish. Good enough to squeeze in all the essentials.

  5. Awesomely stylish and convenient backpack! Loved the color...

  6. Swedish. 'nuff said - Stylish, functional, durable...thanks for making me aware of this brand.

  7. Ooo what a cute pink! Girly yet still so versatile and useful. I like it too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. I love your pink bagpack! Stylish and ROOMY interior!