Mommy's Hair Pampering Day at Kenjo Salon: New Hair Colour + Tokio Inkarami Treatment

I have always been a strong advocate of spending mommy-time and if you read my post about my favourite me-time indulgences, going to a salon for a hair pampering session is on the list. Having said that, I don't usually try to squeeze in a precious me-time during Sundays and public holidays because it's meant to be spent bonding with the whole family but on the 1st of May, I made an exemption.

During the Labour Day, I treated myself to a 3-hour break and left the kids at home so that they can have some uninterrupted bonding time with daddy instead. I shall take it as a Mother's Day treat, I reasoned out trying my best to get rid of the nagging mommy guilt deep down my conscience. After all, daddy seldom gets to solo-parent the kids even just for a few hours.

I was actually supposed to see my Korean Stylist, Sha Sha of Kenjo Salon on a weekday after work for a hair colour but she suggested I should go on a Saturday or holiday instead so she could spend more time tending to my crowning glory. How can I say no to a longer hair pampering session? I reckon it's going to be pure bliss and oh boy, was I not mistaken!

On my first visit at Kenjo Salon, I was blown away by their excellent service. I even mentioned that I have never been into any other salon before that serves extensive selection of drinks both hot and cold. Aren't Kenjo Salon patrons spoiled rotten? All customers, new or regular, who arrive at the salon are immediately escorted to his/her throne and get offered with the drink of his/her choice.

Being the ever observant, I also noticed how the salon's receptionists are quite knowledgeable of their current promotions. When a client arrives but his/her stylist is still busy with another client, the ladies at the reception who are well-groomed entertain the client and ask in advance if he/she is keen to do any hair treatment and they proceed on explaining the whole process when a client asks.

In fact, when I arrived, Sha Sha was also busy with another client but Kenjo Salon boasts a great team work that makes sure everyone who enters the salon are well-attended to. So whilst Sha Sha is still occupied, another staff came to help put in the colour on my hair which Sha Sha personally hand-picked for me.

On my last visit, she suggested I should get a bleach so she could put an ombre colour on my hair. I am going to be a tease and let you find out much later what colour she ultimately chose. Don't cheat and scroll all the way down, okay?

Meanwhile, let me talk about the Tokio Inkarami Treatment that Sha Sha did for me after my hair colouring session. Tokio Inkarami Treatment is currently Japan's Best Haircare Treatment System with patented technology. It is the only treatment that contain the Nobel Prize awarded ingredient, Fullerene, which is known to repair and restore strength and shine to every hair type.

The entire treatment is quite meticulous as there are many steps to follow. It gave me that impression and feeling that each and every strand of hair I have on my head is given so much attention, love and tender loving care. It justifies the exact reason why a hair pampering session is one of my favourite me-time indulgences. In fact, I came with a mild headache but after all the head massages, I left the salon relaxed and totally relieved.

Finally, the hair colour reveal! Top photos were taken before (at home) and below photos were taken after my hair colour and Tokio Inkarami Treatment. I chickened out at the thought of bleaching my hair so Sha Sha chose a colour that would suit my skin complexion which is reddish. It isn't very obvious until a light is shone on my hair. I liked just the way how not attention grabbing it is. Yes, I am pretty boring like that. Haha!

Did you notice how "healthy" my hair locks look now? I ran my fingers on it and it felt so silky and smooth. The after effect of the Tokio Inkarami Treatment is so awesome!

Now here's a great deal you shouldn't miss in time for Mother's Day! For the month of May, bring your mum along and she gets to enjoy 50% off all hair services and treatment. If you are a new customer of Kenjo Salon, you may also quote my name "CHERRY" to get 15% off all hair services and treatment too for yourself.

Call 6238 8083 to book an appointment in advance and look for my Korean Stylist, Sha Sha. I have visited Sha Sha four times as of this writing and she never fails to delight me with her candour and professionalism. She opened my eyes to see hair stylists in a new different light. She stays cheerful despite being tired from standing all day long cutting, styling and treating her clients' hair on a high heel some more! Major respect!

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