Simple Tips For Selling Your Home

For most of us, the time will inevitably come when we decide to sell our house. It can be a sad time as our home is full of memories, but there are reasons why it may be time to let go. Perhaps our family has increased or shrunk down in size, or maybe it's just time for a change. Whatever the reason, you need an edge when trying to sell your house, so take a look at the following ways you can make your property attractive to buyers.

Add value

There are a number of ways you can add value to your property, but chances are it will be expensive. When considering extensive building work, tell your neighbours in advance and get them on your side. Also, you will need planning permission for major structural changes, and hire a structural surveyor to ensure the work is viable.

Adding an extra room to the property will enhance the property. For example, you could convert the loft into a bedroom or bathroom. If your garage is unused and joined to the house, that could also be transformed, provided you have extra parking space outside.

Another way of extending your property is to add a conservatory. With a bright, attractive space, this is perfect for people who enjoy the warmth of the sun while enjoying the beauty of the garden. They are also a great play area for kids too.

Fix problems

You are not going to sell your house if the roof is leaky, the walls are damp, and there is structural damage. Ensure all repairs are completed; the buyer may not notice if you have cut corners but the valuer certainly will.

Remember to fix small problems too. A dripping tap, peeling wallpaper and a creaky door is off putting for the buyer.

First impressions

So you have spent a lot of time and money ensuring the house is up to scratch. However, remember the exterior of the house needs some work as well, so you need to put in some extra work to attract the buyer on their first arrival.

For example:

Give the house a lick of paint, from the walls to the window frames. Repair the broken mailbox. Hire to replace any broken tiles. Spruce up your garden by mowing the lawn, add flower boxes and cut back any overgrown shrubbery. These are all important for those valuable first impressions.

You need to put across a good first impression, too. Hold back any tears you may have about saying goodbye to your home. Greet the buyer at the door with a smile and a handshake. Be respectful of their questions and answer politely.

For those finishing touches, add to the smell of the house with baking bread or freshly bought flowers. Have a plate of biscuits handy and a freshly brewed coffee. Make the buyers visit a pleasant one, and even if they choose not to buy, treat them as you want to be treated when looking for your new home.

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