A Right to Light – Why Windows are Imperative to your Happiness

Access to light is a fundamental building block to our happiness. It’s why we love those pictures of large, open windows. It’s why we love the sunlight on our skin. From direct health benefits to improved mental health, light is a part of us.

Who hasn’t stopped and enjoyed a rainbow? Who hasn’t made a break for some much-needed sunshine? In some places in the world, the right to light is written in the law, and has been for hundreds of years. Natural light is a protected commodity, especially in big cities, where urban planning includes mapping the shadows to ensure that light reaches city streets. Protestors that fight for the right to sunlight have shaped the design of future skyscrapers.

Natural light has a beneficial, psychological effect on our productivity, our mood, and our stress levels. Working in a cubicle underneath florescent lights has a universally detrimental impact on your life as it negatively affects your sleep schedule. The florescent glow of those overhead lights makes it harder for you to go to sleep at night (even if all you want to do is nap while you’re working under them). This is because the fake lights interrupt your natural circadian rhythm. More access to natural light, the more your body does what it is supposed to do. Artificial light, from your phones to your indoor lighting, can all alter your natural rhythm.

Getting as much sunlight as you can is imperative. Windows are the world’s answer to enjoying all the beneficial effects of natural light. If you don’t have access to a window at work, then the windows you have at home are more important than ever.

Windows from tealproducts.com offer many solutions that will upgrade your windows and make them work for you. From opening your window to catching the sunlight and reflecting it into your room, to simply getting some fresh air with a window that is easy to open. You can also include a fully automated system that works closely with nature itself to improve the life of your home. Your windows are the first part of your home that you should look at when considering an upgrade.

We love light. We love taking a break from work to relax in the sunshine. We feel more productive, awake, and happy when it’s a beautiful day outside. Nature shaped our very genetics, and so for a healthy, happy life, we need to have as much access to it as we possibly can. Nothing can beat the simplicity of nature on our daily lives. We are hard-wired to benefit from it.

Make sure to go outside for breaks in the summertime. Bask in that favorite spot in your home which the sunlight hits. Amplify the benefits of natural light by using night shift modes on your electronics (that lessen the use of blue light, which energizes the brain). Use windows to their utmost and catch the sunlight and bring it into your home. Clean, bright, and unobstructed windows will bring the benefits of nature right into your home. Modernize them for even more health benefits, and stay happy.

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