Making Your Garden a Space for Everyone


You should give just as much attention o decorating your garden space as you should the inside of your home. Doing so will give you some extra family space to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but this will only really work if you take the time to consider the needs of everyone in your family and design your garden accordingly.

Here are some quick tips to help you make your garden a great space for everyone:

Create an Entertainment Zone

The garden is a great place to entertain when the weather is good. Your family and your guests will feel freer and more able to enjoy yourself when you’re out in the fresh air feeling the sun on your face, and you won’t have to worry so much about cleaning house before you have people over.

What you will need to think about though, is designing the space so that it works for entertaining. Find a piece of your garden that’s as flat as possible, and make that your entertainment zone. Pave it, fill it with a few pieces of comfy Bridgman Garden Furniture, including a table, and set up a barbecue, along with a few tea lights and candles, for an instant party space the whole family will love.

Create a Play Zone

If you have kids or it’s likely you’ll have kids over in your garden semi-regularly, it makes sense to create a play zone, where they can have fun and run around without disturbing the adults or messing up the garden.

Ideally, this part of the garden should be lawn-based, and you should fence it off either with an actual fence, or maybe a bamboo screen. If you have your own kids, erecting a jungle gym, basketball net and maybe even a little playhouse won’t go a miss and will ensure your kids spend more time running around outside than they do glued to their devices indoors.

Create a Relaxation Zone

Being outdoors, surrounded by nature with the sun on your skin is very conducive to relaxation whatever your age, but if your garden isn’t set up for it, it can be very difficult to achieve that inner peace you’re looking for. If relaxation matters to you and your family, you should then create a garden zone for relaxation.

Ideally, your relaxation zone should be filled with pretty scented flowers, aromatic herbs, and appealing plants, which will soothe your senses and calm your nerves. A water feature, with flowing water, will also help you to relax and achieve Zen-like peace. Then, you just need to think about adding a few pieces of comfy garden furniture, so that you have a nice place to sit and watch the birds play or marvel at the beautiful sunset.

Create a Pet Zone

If you have pets, and you don’t want them to mess up the garden with their antics, but you do want them to be able to enjoy the outdoors like the rest of the family, section off a small piece of land, which should be big enough for them to run around. Add a kennel, so they have somewhere to retreat to when it’s hot, install a sprinkler system, so they always have water and throw in a few toys – they’ll love it.

What are your top tips for creating a garden that everyone can enjoy?

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