J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd Brings a Whole Land of Fun in Your Neighbourhood!

When I was a kid, I always get so excited during festival in our town mainly because of the carnival. Our town fiesta back home which is now known as Mangi Festival has always been full of fun events like singing and dance competition, beauty pageant, and drum and lyre performances among many other things, but it's always the carnival that I really look forward to.

I would save up lots of coins from my school pocket money just so I could trade them into token coins I can use for the carnival rides and games. Oh what loads of fun and nostalgia a carnival brings! Fast forward to the present, I get every opportunity to take my kids to a carnival just so they would experience the same thrill I experienced as a child.

I remember bringing the kids all the way to Gardens by the Bay to experience the carnival happening at the gardens. It made me wish my neighbourhood will also host such fun carnival so we don't have to travel far anymore. And guess what? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for because it will come true?

True enough, to celebrate the Completion of Revitalisation of Shopfronts in our neighbourhood, Changi Simei Community held a carnival and brought J'Kids Amusement Funland at Simei Plaza Open Field beside Eastpoint Mall. It was only then that I realized J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd is the same carnival operator hired by Gardens by the Bay before. No wonder all the rides and games look really familiar!

J'Kids Amusement Funland features old-school rides like bump cars and Viking Ship. They also have kiddie favourites like mini-trains, carousel, inflatable playground and bungee jump. On top of all those, they have water activities like boating and "walk in the water". Of course, not forgetting the teenagers and young adults, they offer fun games where you can win really attractive prizes like big sized Olaf plush toy and more! And there's the basketball for boys, daddies and grandpas too!

Imagine my kids' delight! It also happened that my mom is in town so she joined us with all the fun rides, yes even bump cars, mini trains, swing chair and Viking Ship! Needless to say we made precious family memories at J'Kids Amusement Funland and I took the opportunity to document it in an iMovie! Watch this!

Now, this is just a teaser! As my title implies, J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd is bringing so much fun in YOUR neighbourhood! Here are their calendar of events:

15 to 23 Jul 2017 - The Grandstand
21 Jul to 13 Aug 2017 - Paya Lebar Square
28 Jul to 20 Aug - Blk 826 Tampines
29 Jul to 13 Aug - Hougang Mall
04 Aug to 13 Aug - Hillion Mall

The next best thing you'll love about J'Kids Amusement Funland is the introduction of J'Kids Fun Card with NO expiry date! You can now say goodbye to old token coins (oh the horror of losing them in your pocket!) and say hello to the seamless electronic card that you can simply top up and tap away to enjoy all the carnival rides, booths and fun games. It works about the same like your EZ Link card, the only difference is you can use J'Kids Fun Card for a LIFETIME! Oh the convenience of modern technology! What are you waiting for? Visit J'Kids Amusement Funland near you!

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