The Education System in Singapore vs The Rest of the World

Wanting the best for your child is a natural response for parents. Part of wanting the best also includes providing them with the best educational opportunities possible. As you start to investigate the various education systems around the world, there are some countries that really stand out. One that catches the eye of many is Singapore.
So just how is Singapore’s education system different from the rest of the world? Here’s a closer look.
Top Marks in Global Education Rankings
If it's education rankings that you're interested in, then this is the first area that Singapore manages to differ from most countries in the world. Singapore is where you will find the highest-achieving primary and secondary students according to international rankings. The students in Singapore scored the highest on the international education tests in the areas of science and math in 2016.
Singapore Has Come a Long Way
What's really interesting is to take a look at just how much Singapore has changed in the past 50 years. Where its workforce was once low-skilled and low-cost, it is now the exact opposite. Half of Singapore's workforce are now university graduates.
Its students do well at home and abroad, the country's literacy rates have increased dramatically, and there is an abundance of enrichment and tutoring classes available to students. These classes can range anywhere from $150 to $250 each month, and over 70% of students are signed up for these classes according to The Straits Times.
Too Much Stress?
Singapore is regarded as one of the best, if not the best education system in the whole world. Singapore’s residents, students, parents, and those in other countries are all aware of this ranking. With that said, people have started to wonder if this is, in fact, too much stress to put on the students. Expectations are high that students in Singapore’s educational system do well, with little room for those who are lagging behind.
In Singapore, it's quite common for kids to fill their free time with extra studying and enrichment activities, rather than outdoor activities, games, and sports. Mental arithmetic classes start at age five, which is years' ahead of many other school systems in the world. The idea is that brain development is at its peak at this age, so it is a prime time to start teaching more advanced math skills.
A Comparable Solution in the U.K.
If you’re looking for that same kind of educational experience in the U.K. then you will want to investigate Duncombe School, one of the best independent prep schools Hertfordshire and the surrounding area has to offer. It offers a comparable experience to that which you would find in Singapore.
Wanting What's Best
As parents continue to strive to give their children the best educational experience possible and help to prepare them for their future, it seems as if all eyes are on Singapore as a great model of success as far as educational rankings go.

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