3 New Sports to Try this Summer

The summer is here, and therefore, that means it’s time to get outdoors and try something new. Longer days and warmer weather mean more chance to be outside; it means finding a new sport isn’t as difficult or enduring because it’s sunnier and warmer. It’s time to find something new to love and participate in, without the excuses winter brings.
Before starting a new sport, however, you need to determine what you already like and dislike. For example, do you enjoy working out solo, or do you prefer a group sport? Are you looking a permanent sport and exercise routine, or something temporary? Either way, you need to consider what it is you love and combine it with your particular preferences. If you like individual sports, for example, there’s no point in joining a netball team.
Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga)
Ideal for those living by the coast or near a lake, stand up paddle board is, quite simply, a yoga class that takes place on a paddle board on the water. SUP yoga combines two sports into one, meaning you get the benefits of stand-up paddle boarding as you paddle into the open waters (full body workout; core stability and leg strengthening) and the pros of yoga (increased flexibility, muscle strength and toning, maintaining a balanced metabolism).
Not only is this a better workout than yoga, but it’s a straightforward way to revitalize an otherwise tired exercise routine. Sometimes, even the biggest of gym fanatics get tired of their staple routines. A refreshing change, whether it’s permanent or temporary, can help you feeling changed and reinvigorated.
Stunt Scootering
Otherwise known as freestyle scootering, stunt scootering is an extreme sport which involves performing tricks on a stunt scooter, similar to BMXing or skateboarding. Nowadays, stunt scootering is gaining in popularity, with regional qualifiers turning into worldwide championships. With skateboarding entering the 2020 Olympics, there’s a chance that stunt scootering will, one day, become a recognized professional sport. Check out stores such as Skates.co.uk, browse their range of stunt scooters such as the famed Apex Pro Scooters and freestyle scootering champions Sacrifice Scooters, and start developing your stunt skills. If your skills transpire into something sensational, you could even start entering competitions and slowly work your way up the rankings. You may even become the next Dante Hutchinson.
Aerial Silks
For those who love performance art, aerial silks is the perfect way to combine fitness with your love of dance and movement. Performers climb suspended fabric and use the fabric to keep themselves suspended while they suspend, swing and fall into various positions. Although aerial silks seem to break the laws of gravity and friction, you won’t be performing unharnessed while training. At first, you will only be marginally suspended with a cushioned fall below. Other variations of aerial sports include aerial yoga and aerial hoop. All aerial sports have the benefits of muscle strength, calmness, meditation, weight management and toning. It’s ideal for those who are bored with their current routines and need a refresher or new, stimulating hobby.

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