4 Commercial Design Trends to Watch for 2017

Commercial space design goes through trends, just as residential architecture has trends. Here are five commercial design trends to watch for 2017 and beyond. None of these trends will disappear like the mega-malls of the 1980s.

Dual Purpose Designs

Dual purpose areas are becoming popular for several reasons. First, if you can use the area for private consultations or small classes, you only need that area or a few similar ones, allowing you to better utilise a smaller space. Less square footage usually means lower rent. Multi-purpose spaces allow you to keep these areas in heavy use, giving the customer the impression you’re in demand.

Form and Function

Forget an expensive leather chair because the luxurious material is a status symbol. The new status symbol is the extremely adjustable yet comfortable ergonomic office chair, the adjustable desk that lets you stand or sit at any level. The rise of adjustable yet comfortable furniture that combines form and function is driven by several factors. The desire to save money by using fewer adjustable pieces of furniture is one. Having furniture that supports an aging and more often disabled workforce, thus becoming ADA compliant by design, is another.

Geometric Designs
Geometric designs are increasingly popular, especially when laid in tile on the floor, walls, or ceiling. You can mix and match patterns and hues and then let it stay in place for years, unlike paintings or artwork that fades on exposure to light. And colourful and fanciful patterns in a hospital ward aren’t going to result in someone suing you for using their intellectual property in a public display. Another trend is quirky combinations of materials intentionally installed, like putting unusual accent tiles in a pattern in an otherwise plain floor. It makes the floor interesting at a low cost and you can classify it as a “green” project if recycling tiles from other projects. The side benefit of these types of patterns is that they work just as well with the sleek modern furniture popular today.
Green everything is affecting commercial design. You see this in the replacement of wood floors with bamboo floors, certified re-used lumber, triple pane window installations with signage proudly pronouncing this fact. Photovoltaic windows are more virtue signalling than real power generators, but light reflecting windows that let natural light in while reflecting heat are a practical solution to reducing heating and cooling demands as well as lighting needs. Luxury architect, Peter Marino, is famous for projects that are eco-friendly, engaging, and that use cutting edge technology. His signatures include installing low energy usage LCD monitors to display products, carefully programmed lighting to focus attention on products without wasting energy, and polished stainless steel that gives commercial spaces a sleek modern look at a low cost.
Dual purpose designs for space are popular because they allow businesses to better utilize the space they have. Form and function are merging, while eco-friendly materials and technologies are a necessity. Geometric designs in walls and floors are becoming common because of their versatility.

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