Farm Florist Bouquet and Masons Home Decor Decorative Pieces

Do you still remember the DIY terrariums we made at home in collaboration with Masons Home Decor? My 6-yr old boy who has 90% better memory than mom-me recognized their logo when we received not one but three packages from them last week. They sent us a Geometric Photo Frame (8R), an Italian Table Lamp and A Rustic Bouquet from its new baby sister FARM Florist Singapore

Before I proceed with my review, let me share with you their brand story.

Before the incorporation of Masons Home Decor and FARM Florist, the passionate entrepreneurs behind these community driven brands, Justin and Marcel have always pondered about how Singaporeans viewed local businesses. Being individuals who had a great love for the gesture of gift-giving and aesthetic designs of home decor, they conducted a public survey and realised a sad truth that more people shy away from purchasing flowers and home decor items because they find it expensive. 

The saddening facts inspired the duo to make a difference. It marked the beginning of their journey. Their brands Masons Home Decor and FARM Florist promise a variety of premium yet economical products so that individuals do not need to worry on sacrificing on something essential such as a meal. They felt that there should be no barrier in making oneself happy through a feel good item, be it a bouquet of flower or a nice home decorative piece. 

As someone who has always been interested in Interior Design (I almost enrolled in an Interior Design course last year), I truly appreciate brands that are consumer-centric. I have to admit, I shy away from ridiculously expensive home decor items and floral products too simply because it isn't just practical. Thanks to Justin and Marcel, they completely changed my mindset about home decor and flower shops.

If it's something I could afford and will make me happy, why not gift it to myself as a reward for working very hard? In case you haven't realised, I work full-time in a private clinic from 9am to 5pm and I moonlight as a content creator at night when the kids are already sleeping soundly. Now tell me, don't I deserve a pretty bouquet of flowers even without an occasion? Of course I do!

Anniversaries and Valentine's Day aren't the only reason why men should buy a bouquet of flowers from the FARM Florist Singapore for their partners and/or daughters. To be honest, us ladies appreciate it even more when we receive one JUST BECAUSE.

1) To cheer a love one who is feeling unwell.

2) Surprise your partner with a romantic picnic set-up.

3) Just because you wish to make someone smile and feel loved. That someone could be YOU.

4) For the birthday girl. Most girls love receiving flowers, including teenagers and single ladies. 

Need I say more? Absolutely not, I bet the gentlemen have got all the hint by now so let's move on to my new favourite home decorative pieces that are added in my gold collection. Disclamer: I don't collect real gold bars and whatnots but I love decorative items in gold.

1) Umbra Prisma Geometric Photo Frame

In case you are an Interior Design noob, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular nowadays inside the homes of celebrities, elites and even ordinary folks. It can be a carpet, a wall paper, a shelving unit, throw pillows, wall art, hanging lamps and in this case, a photo frame. Like they say, the possibilities are endless. I love how chic this photo frame looks especially when combined with my other existing golden decorative items.

2) Italian Table Lamp

I read story books to my son almost every night but I have yet to invest in a good lamp (and a decorative one at that) in the master bedroom. Thanks to Masons Home Decor, this lamp doesn't just fit our red, white and gold theme, it also looks very sleek in my bedside table and when it's turned on, it adds some dramatic ambiance inside the room, which is perfect for a quiet reading session before bedtime.

Thank you, Masons Home Decor and FARM Florist Singapore. You have spread so much love and happiness in our humble home.

To my valued readers and Instagram followers, simply quote SWEETMEMOIRS15 for a lifetime 15% discount when shopping at Masons Home Decor and FARM Florist Singapore. 

*This post is brought to you by Masons Home Decor and FARM Florist Singapore in collaboration with Cherry Berry x Sweet Memoirs*

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