Why a Diamond Ring is Considered the Right Engagement Gift

An engagement is a commitment. And the best way to symbolise it is a ring. While people are looking at other stones to create a perfect engagement ring, nothing comes close to the classic diamond engagement ring. The earliest known example of a diamond as an engagement symbol dates back to the 15th century and the engagement of Mary of Burgundy and Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Since then, the love for a diamond engagement ring has only risen, not lessened. What is it about a diamond ring that makes it such a fabulous engagement ring? Here are some reasons:

  • It is timeless
A diamond engagement ring is timeless. No wonder that it continues to enjoy the popularity it does. In fact, it’s become so synonymous with a love match that we scarcely think of any other stone when it comes to sealing or celebrating an engagement. And this has been the truth for the last seven centuries. The diamond engagement ring isn’t going out of style any time soon.
  • It is versatile
The best kind of diamond is colourless. While colour diamonds have their own takers, the traditional beloved diamond is white. The colourless diamond has the added advantage of being truly versatile, lending itself to any colour of outfit, any shade of skin and any gender. Which stone can boast of the versatility that the diamond does?
  • It is a safe bet
What’s not to like about a diamond? It becomes a safe choice when you’re trying to spring a surprise and don’t know what your bride or groom to be may like. The diamond is an object of delight and admiration, both qualities you want from your partner and others in your life. With the right setting, there’s no doubt that it will attract envious looks. In the off chance that your choice is not a welcome one, you can always resell the diamond. Diamonds that carry certification fetch great resale prices.
  • It goes with other important jewellery
A diamond engagement ring is normally worn with a wedding band. Nothing quite complements a wedding band like a plain diamond or a series of diamonds in a ring. Depending on how you set the diamond, it can fit in with the wedding band in a snug jigsaw fashion. Or, if the wearer is wearing other pieces of bling, the diamond ring will fit right in.
  • It’s tough
Despite how elegant and classy it looks, a diamond’s fragility hides its actual strength. It is one of the toughest known materials known to man and it lasts generations. Some families pass diamond engagement rings from one generation to another. It also needs to last through the day to day life the wearer will subject it to. It is hardy and strong and capable. What’s more, it can be reset depending on the generation and the person wearing it.
  • Vintage is vogue
A vintage diamond engagement ring is always in vogue. If you can find a beautiful antique ring, one that is handmade, you should consider that too. It brings in a touch of whimsy and charm, something we can all do with in our lives.
  • It can be edgy
You might not consider it, but black diamonds are all the rage now. It’s believed that the black stone stands for passion and conviction- now who wouldn’t want either? This makes the black diamond not just about a swank colour but also about the message the wearer is sending out to the world. Mix in the black diamond with a few more stones, set them in a contemporary style, and you’re all set to face the world. Or go in for the simple princess cut, all the better to show off the fabulous colour stone you have.
  • It makes a statement
There are people who load themselves down with all sorts of jewellery. And then there are those who wave an arm in hello and the entire room quietens down. The latter wears a statement piece and in many, many cases it’s a diamond engagement ring. One perfect piece of jewellery is all you need and the diamond engagement ring is pretty perfect.
If you’re considering gifting a diamond engagement ring, here are some trends we’ve picked out for you to keep in mind:
  • Stacked rings are very boho-chic. Get different colour metals- rose, yellow, white gold and scatter your diamonds through them. These rings can be worn separately or together, or with other rings. Worn with jeans or with dresses, the stacked ring is at home pretty much everywhere.
  • Different shapes for diamond rings are also big this year- a heart if you’re into that sort of romantic gesture, maybe even a quadrilateral for that wow factor. Or go asymmetrical, for even more impact.
  • Twisted bands, bands with inscriptions, platinum- there’s a lot you can choose from with the metal your ring needs to be of.
Choose a diamond ring for an engagement with care and after homework. Your partner will thank you for it.

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