The Top Four Basketball Movies of All Time

There’s just something about a sports-themed movie that is usually so fun, and often inspiring. It should come as no surprise that this particular genre tends to do quite well with audiences. So, if you’re seeking out a great sports-themed movie with a focus on basketball then you’re going to want to check out this list of the top four basketball movies of all time.
White Men Can't Jump
Not only is this a great basketball-themed movie; it's become an absolute classic as far as sports movies go. Released back in 1992, this movie can still hold its own against today's current titles. The movie stars Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Rosie Perez. Snipes and Harrelson play basketball hustlers who decide to team up so they can get even more money working the streets in games and tournaments. This one is sure to keep you entertained.
Air Bud
Unlike White Men Can’t Jump, here’s a basketball-themed movie that is appropriate for all ages. While Air Bud didn't score particularly high with film critics, kids and families loved it. The movie features a lovable dog who becomes a star basketball player. The one complaint parents had after this movie was their kids then wanted a dog of their own!
Iverson is a relatively newer release as far as basketball-themed movies go, as this one hit the big screen in 2014. This is a sports documentary/biography film that takes a closer look at the life of Allen Iverson, a family NBA player. It chronicles his childhood, teenage years, and his time spent in the NBA. The film is both motivational and inspirational and is a must-see for anyone who loves the sport.
Teen Wolf
Watching Teen Wolf is like taking a step back in time and it just feels so great. Released in 1985, this one stars Michael J. Fox as a teenager trying to cope with the fact he is a werewolf. So where does the basketball angle fit in? Well, Fox's character goes from being a zero on the court to a hero thanks to his werewolf powers, but is he willing to keep being the wolf in order to stay popular? It is a fabulous retro movie for the whole family.
Where to Find the Movies
You’ll find a large number of basketball movies on Netflix that you can enjoy anytime you like. And because Netflix is constantly adding new content to its library, there is bound to be more great titles on the way. You may also be able to find these titles through DVD rental, or you can always purchase a few so you've got them to keep.

Fill That Desire for a Great Basketball Movie

Now that you’ve got a list of the greatest basketball movies of all time, you know exactly what you can watch for your next few movie nights. Keep in mind this is just a small list of the many amazing basketball-themed movies released on to the big screen.

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