Three Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

If you have a smaller bathroom, whether due to living in a small apartment or because it’s a secondary bathroom or en-suite, it can often seem hard to make it feel like a luxurious place to relax when you're showering or getting ready for a night out.
However, there are some ways you can add luxury to a smaller bathroom and make it feel like a really pleasant part of your house, rather than cramped and utilitarian.
There are some great ideas for bathrooms out there, and on the plumbing side, if you need help achieving what you want, there is loads of great information at The Plumbing Info that can help you understand your options better.
In the meantime, here are three things you can consider adding for that luxury feel to your smaller bathroom
1. Luxury Showers
In a smaller bathroom, you may well opt to either just have a shower and no tub or to have a shower fitting in your tub rather than as a separate unit to save on space. In either case, getting some luxury from your shower is easy with the options available these days.
You can consider a shower fitting with multiple jets you can angle towards your body. These also have a movable showerhead, so whether you want to simply stand there and enjoy the water or you want to use the other head for your hair or harder to reach areas, you get a great experience without any more space being taken up than with a regular shower fitting on your wall.
Another trend in showers is 'rain' style shower fittings, and these can also really add a sense of luxury with no space premium.
2. Heated Towel Rails
Heated towel rail units are a great idea as they serve the dual purpose of being a heater for the room in colder weather, and also making your towels feel lovely and warm. When choosing a towel rail for a small bathroom, look for those that are long and high, making good use of the vertical space in the room. This makes for more effective storage for your towels and a less cramped feel, with all of the luxury of warm fluffy towels for when you step out of the shower!

3.Lighting Effects
Stark lighting in a bathroom isn't flattering, either for you or the room, so it can be a good idea to have a few different lighting options. Have some mirror lighting that is adjustable so you can have a soft glow or a brighter light for when you need to see well for makeup or shaving. You can also consider colored LED lighting in the shower itself. This can make taking a shower feel really special as you can tune the colors to your mood, with invigorating colors for the morning and warm colors for getting ready for bed or unwinding after a workout!

Your small bathroom doesn't need to prevent you from creating a luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable space!

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