Mistakes to Avoid in the Process of Barbecue

A perfect barbecue party is a dream come true. It is the result of a cool atmosphere, the ideal group of friends, a summer weekend and most importantly, pieces of deliciously smoked, mouth-watering meat. In fact, when it comes to a barbecue party, it is the smoked food that matters the most. Even with everything right on track, a small smoking mistake can ruin the entire barbecue and mar all the fun. You might have an amazingly functional electric smoker that you have bought after reading reviews and tips in sites like Electric Smoker Center. However, to be able to utilize the item well, there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid. So, here is the list of some of these mistakes for you to take note of.
Choosing the Wrong Cut of Meat – Picking up a pork piece from a supermarket is easy and less tiring but that piece will not give you the best smoked dish. Go to a local butcher and tell him what exactly you are going to do with the piece. Ideally, for smoked ribs, avoid surface fat and look for good meat coverage over the bones. For smoked pork butt, try to grab the large muscle at the opposite end of the bones for the best result. Similarly, the white, hard fat of about ¼” to 1/3” is perfect for smoked pork briskets.
Over Adjusting the Set Up – To become an expert in barbecue, you must understand the difference between grilling and barbecue at the very basic. Grilling might require you to make adjustments every now and then but when it comes to smoking, avoid making too many changes. Most importantly, avoid opening the lids as these might affect the even temperature that is required for smoking a piece of meat. The secret to a great barbecue is to hold on to a steady temperature and make one adjustment at a time.
Releasing Too Much Smoke – There is a common misconception that if a little smoke can cook up a great meat, a lot of it might make it better. This, however, is not the case. Adding too many wood chunks in your barbecue can actually ruin it. The best way is to keep the inlets open partially and let slim whips of smoke come out of the smoker. As long as the smoke smells good, the meat will taste good too. Once the smoke gets devoid of the aroma, chances are that your meat is also losing the taste.
Giving the Process Less Time – This is the biggest mistake in the process of barbecue. Start early if you feel that your guests will arrive early and you need to serve them up immediately. Barbecue, even when done in a fully automated electric smoker, needs time and patience. So, the more patient you are, the more will your taste buds be satisfied at the end of the day.
So, avoid these mistakes and if you are passionate about barbecue, follow expert chef’s tips and tricks from popular websites and magazines to gain deeper insight into the process.

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