Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

Working out at home is a much cheaper option than buying an expensive gym membership. You will need to invest in some equipment if you plan on taking your fitness seriously, but this will pay for itself in the long run. And besides, if you lose interest or move to a smaller apartment, you can always sell your gym equipment on Craig’s List or eBay.
A Workout Space
You need a designated space for a home gym. Moving exercise equipment around is a major pain, so create a room or area where you can set everything up and leave it out between workouts. Some people use their basement as a home gym, but the spare room will do if you don’t entertain often.
Floor Mats
All good workout programs should include some floor work to strengthen your core and get those abdominals in good shape. Lying on a coarse carpet or polished wood floor is uncomfortable, so invest in a yoga mat or similar. You can roll it up when not in use. If you spend a lot of time on floor exercises, interlocking floor mats are a good buy.
Cardio Equipment
You will need to do some cardio if you want to get fit. Running or cycling outside is helpful, but there will be days when you need to workout at home. If you visit a gym, you will have your choice of treadmills, recumbent bicycles, elliptical trainers, step machines, etc. Clearly, unless you live in a Bel Air mansion with a budget to match, you won’t have the space or cash to afford all of these machines.
Decide which machine you like the best and buy one. For example, if running is your passion, buy a treadmill, but if you prefer cycling, a stationary bike is a better choice. Look for used machines online; most have hardly been used.
Weights and Other Gym Equipment
Weight training is necessary if you want to tone up and burn fat. Small free weights are great if you are just starting out, but if you have the space, a multi-gym with a good selection of weights is a good buy. You may also wish to invest in other items of kit such as kettlebells. Check out for some reviews on fitness equipment such as the Body Action System.
It is difficult to check whether you are doing exercises correctly if you don’t have a mirror. This isn’t about vanity. Checking your form in a mirror will help to prevent any stress injuries. Mirrors also reflect light and make a small space feel larger.
Working out in silence is no fun at all. At the very least, have a radio or music system in your home gym, but if you want to do it properly, a TV with a built-in DVD player is even better. That way you can watch cable while you lift weights or workout to a celebrity exercise DVD.

A well-designed home gym is a real asset to any home and could even become a selling point if you market to young professionals.

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