Great Careers For Animal Lovers

Have you noticed how for some people a job is a way to earn money and pay for the things they need and want, whilst other people go to work with a smile each morning and enjoy every minute at their job? When you have a job you really love, long hours are a bonus, not a chore, so it's important to figure out what you're really passionate about in life, and then find a job that's centered around it. I love animals of all kinds, especially dogs, so any of these careers would be great for me, or any other animal lover, to work in:

Dog Walker
Would you like to combine a career that involves animals with being your own boss, and fitting your work schedule around your family commitments? In that case, why not think about becoming a self-employed dog walker? Start by walking dogs for your friends and family and then build your business from there. By printing flyers and distributing them in your neighborhood, and building a simple website to advertise your services, you may find that your enterprise grows rapidly. With the hectic pace of the modern world, Americans are increasingly turning to professional walkers to exercise their dogs, and there are reports of some dog owners earning in excess of $100,000 a year. Could that be you?
Pet Product Retailer
Online sales are booming in every sector, and the pet product industry is no exception. Whilst major players dominate the market, with nearly $70 billion of sales in the pet sector in 2016 alone, there's still more than enough room for independent retailers. Setting up an online store is much easier than you might think and there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. As an animal lover yourself, you'll know what pet products are likely to sell, and by conveying your passion and expertise on your website you'll give yourself a competitive advantage over competitors. You can even set up an online pet product retail store while working in another job, and when it takes off you can move into your dream job full-time.
Veterinary Technician
Becoming a vet takes many years of hard study, although the rewards can be high. It's much easier to become a veterinary technician, and it's just as vital a role in the world of pet welfare. Prospective technicians will first have to attend a veterinary technician school, but these can be found across the United States, and online study can complement classroom learning. Once qualified, you'll be assisting vets in many essential tasks, from taking blood to preparing a pet for anesthesia and giving medication. Expert websites such as have all the details you need to enter this exciting and important role.

If you love animals but don't love the job you're currently doing, why not make the change? Becoming a dog walker, pet product retailer, or veterinary technician can make every work day a great day, and the routes into these careers are simple and inexpensive. They can also be very lucrative careers, and what could be better than spending your day in the beautiful world of animals?

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