Keeping Up Appearances to Always Make the Best Impression

Making a good first impression or just keeping your partner interested in you matters greatly. It’s easy to get too busy and not realize that you’re beginning to let things slip. Raise your standards again and get up a few minutes earlier in the morning if that’s what it takes to look your best.
There are a few key areas you can take care of to switch things up.
Shave or Wax?
Maybe you like to use a new manual shaver each time or prefer an electric shaver because you’re concerned about cutting your legs when shaving. You can check out the latest electric rechargeable models at My Best Shaver, which has battery-operated, rechargeable, and corded shavers to suit different budgets.
If you prefer to wax your legs, then don’t slack off when the hair follicles begin to grow back. They may not always grow back on a reliable schedule, so just be observant to avoid looking unshaven and stubbly.

Sometimes Less is More
With makeup, we sometimes forget that using too much can make us look less attractive. Overdoing the foundation and putting too much blusher on are all signs of someone trying too hard. Ultimately, makeup should enhance our natural looks and not just try to cover up what we see as deficiencies. And if wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex, ask them whether they like more or less makeup? You’ll probably be surprised to hear that most men dislike makeup on a woman and when she’s applied too much, he wonders what she’ll look like when the “war paint” comes off. So, don’t overdo it in the pursuit of perfection.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate
When you don’t exfoliate on a semi-regular basis, the top layer of dead skin doesn’t have an easy time of removing itself. This is particularly true the more makeup is used too. While the boys are helped by the fact that shaving their face every day acts as its own exfoliation system, we’re not so fortunate.
Going through a regular exfoliation process, both the removal of dead cells and clearing dirty or blocked pores in the skin makes it healthier. When new skin grows back, the face feels cleaner and clearer than ever before. Makeup and other creams are less likely to cause irritation too. The exfoliation treatment is not unlike getting dermabrasion from a dermatologist, just less harsh. If you forget to regularly exfoliate, stick it in your digital calendar with an alarm to remind yourself each week.

Choose Fabric Colors That Suit Your Complexion
When shopping for clothes, look for a color palette that goes well with your complexion. When the color of a winter coat is too dramatic, it can make you look paler and less full of life. It may be worth getting professional advice from someone who helps picks out clothes for celebrities or wealthy wives. Alternatively, seek out magazines that have articles that focus on matching fabrics colors to complexations and grab those issues, so you can learn to do it yourself.
Looking your best is important because you never know when you might bump into a personal contact in the street or have an opportunity to network with a company executive. Keeping up appearances means you’re ready to make a great first impression when you need to.

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