5 Magic Tricks to Extend the Shelf Life of Food

If you are like most people, you are probably stretching your budget just to buy fresh, healthy foods. However, along the way you learned a few tips on how to achieve significant savings by buying in bulk or when certain items go ‘on sale.’ Usually, these sale products are nearing their expected shelf life, but you can’t pass up a good deal, can you? Why not learn how to extend the shelf life of perishables so that you can still get those amazing deals while nothing goes to waste. Here are 5 magic tricks every budget conscious family should learn.
1. Never Store Apples in Your Refrigerator
This is one you’ve probably never heard! Did you know that apples emit ethylene gas which can cause foods nearby to spoil, or at the very least wilt? If you are going to store apples, find a cool place in your home, take them out of the plastic bag that retains moisture and put them in a paper bag for storage. It is said that this method will keep them fresh for several months!
2. Tightly Wrap Boxed Grains and Cereals with Plastic Wrap
If you’ve read a Wraptastic review, you know there is an easy way to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap without the dangers of slicing your finger. These handy gadgets can be used interchangeably with both plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but the plastic wrap does better when wrapped around those discounted pastas, cereals and grains you want to store for longer periods of time. Keep moisture out and freshness in.
3. Use a Pinch of Salt to Prolong the Life of Milk
Here’s another one many of us haven’t ever heard of. A pinch of salt, mind you just a pinch, can keep milk and cream fresh longer in your refrigerator. It’s unclear why this works, but it does. If you have the time, why not research to see why common table salt keeps milk from going sour.
4. A Little Booze Never Hurt a Good Chunk of Cheese
If you want to prevent mold from building up around cheese, soak a piece of cheesecloth in whiskey and then wrap it securely around your cheese. Place this in a plastic bag or use that plastic wrap mentioned above and you’ll have no more trouble keeping your cheese fresh for a much longer time. (If you don’t use all the whiskey, pour yourself a shot at the end of a long day in your kitchen. It might inspire you to stay fresh longer as well!)
5. Fruits and Vegetables Don’t Do Well with Plastic
One last magic trick to learn pertains to how you store your fresh fruits and veggies. Never, EVER, leave them in those plastic bags they are sold in. Always take them out (carrots, beets, lettuce, etc.) and place them in your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. Even those bags with aeriation holes don’t let enough moisture out so your fruits and veggies will spoil much quicker due to mold that grows in moist conditions. The key is to keep humidity in check.
These 5 magic tricks can save you tons of money by helping you learn to shop deals and in bulk while keeping foods fresh longer for a reduction in waste. If you search, you’ll find many more of the same types of tips and as you begin using them, you’ll find just how far you can stretch your budget – what an exciting prospect. Now you may even have enough left over for that new dress you’ve been dreaming of…

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