Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

Whether it is winter and going outdoors is not an option, or you simply desire to have some chill and peaceful time in the house, staying indoors doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Actually, you need to take advantage of your time indoors to spend some quality with your family.
Spending some quality time together as a family brings you closer and the time you spend sharing fun activities creates unforgettable memories not only for you but for your kids as well. There are a lot of fun activities that you can share indoors as a family.
Singing and Storytelling
Chances are every member of the family has their creative side which they are bubbling to show to the rest of you. Explore and nurture these talents for some exciting indoor family moments. You can have singing practice and learn how to play musical instruments with the main goal being organizing a family concert. Your performance doesn’t have to be on the level of a Grammy performance - the point is to entertain yourselves and have some fun together.
Storytelling is important to your children. You can tell stories to your children – real or fictitious- and use it an avenue to pass morals lessons and family history to them. It doesn’t even have to be one-sided, your kids may have interesting stories of their own to narrate too.
Indoor games and crafts
There are quite a number of indoor board games that combine fun and with a learning experience. Games such as chess, monopoly and scrabble teach strategy, grammar, language and money skills. These games require some level of thinking and improve the functioning of the brain.
You can also take advantage of your time indoors to make hand-made items. You can make ornaments, paint portraits or the ancient Japanese paper quilling art which you can learn online at sites like
Share household chores
You can spend your time indoors doing housecleaning. Have everyone allocate their portion of chores to do. Someone can do the dishes and take care of the kitchen, while others dust the furniture, mop the floors, clean the windows and scrub the bathroom walls. Older children can tend to the kitchen garden if you have one.
Have everyone help out in the kitchen too. It is important for your kids to learn how to prepare one or two meals well and you can utilize the time you spend indoors to teach them a few kitchen basics.
You can never go wrong with reading. Reading, or even listening to audiobooks is one of the most productive ways to spend your free time. The quiet ambiance of your house makes for a good atmosphere to immerse yourself in an interesting book. Instead of renting a movie, buy books for everyone in the family to keep you occupied during your time indoors.

You can even go one step further and have a family library where family members can recommend books to be stocked or even organize sessions in which everyone shares what they have learned in the books they have been reading.

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