Introducing Solids to a Baby

After a few months of living off just milk, it gets to a point where a baby needs something else, and that is when it is time to introduce solids to baby. This usually happens at about 6 months old, but you have to bear in mind that every child is different and there is nothing wrong if it is earlier or later than this. My girl had her first solid food at 6 months whilst G had his even before he turned 5 months old.
Making The Change
The change from milk to solids should be done to suit you. Remember that to start with, how little or much they eat does not matter too much as they will still be getting all the nutrients they need from breast milk or their first formula. It is more important to get them used to the idea of eating solids, rather than forcing them to eat more than they want.
There are some foods you should introduce one at a time in case they have any allergies towards them, then you will be able to spot the problem easier.  Cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, barley, foods with nuts or seeds and fish are the main foods that can cause a problem, but of course for most children there is no adverse reaction at all.
Begin by offering food at a time that is convenient for you. Over just a few weeks you will be able to start increasing the amount and variety of their food until it gets to the point where they are eating the same meals as the rest of the family, just in much smaller portions.
Tips To Make The Transition Easier For You Both
There are some things that will help to make the change from milk to solid foods, such as:
  • Don’t try to force a spoon into their mouth, wait till they open up for it.
  • Start with just a couple of teaspoons of food, once a day.
  • Let them get used to the feel of food; feeding themselves is a good way to do this even if it is with their fingers.
  • Don’t try and hurry them up, let them eat at their own pace. 
  • If they refuse a food first time, don’t give up on it, and try it several times before you decide it is not one they like.
There are several websites giving advice to parents on all aspects of the best way to do things for your baby. If this is your first time being a parent, then sites such as can be invaluable.
The Foods to Start With
Cooked fruit or vegetables are a good way to start. They become soft when cooked so you can mash them easily. Most households have potatoes, carrots apple or pears and they are perfect to feed to you baby, just remember to let them cool first.  Fruits that are soft without being cooked, like melon or peach, can just be mashed.
Baby rice or baby cereals mixed with their usual milk will get them used to the texture of food, but will have a taste they are familiar with. Finger foods are good as well, as long as they are ones that will break up easily in their mouth. A piece of ripe banana might be messy, but they will be able to grip it in their tiny hand, and it is really soft for them to eat.

It does not take long to progress to them having several different foods, and the more variety they have in their diet, the better.

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