Rainy Day Activities The Whole Family Will Love

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Mommy wishes she was snoring. A rainy day is a perfect excuse to sleep in and laze about the house, but your days of napping through bad weather are over. You have to look after the kids. Kids who are restless now they’re stuck indoors. Bouncing off the walls and letting you know they’re bored, they aren’t shy about telling you that.
Though you all may feel trapped by the rain, a wet and dreary day is a great opportunity for your family to have fun. The next time it rains try some of the following activities to keep your kids occupied. From indoor camping to exploratory adventures, these rainy-day activities will brighten your mood until the skies follow suit.
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Go an indoor camping trip
Who needs a national park to go camping? Not you and your kids. The next time the forecast promises rain, break out the blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Indoor camping can be as simple as gathering up your bedding and spreading it over the floor. You can also spread blankets and sheets over the furniture to make forts and tents. If you are feeling really ambitious you can even pitch a small tent in the house, complete with air mattress and other camping must-haves.
Once your campsite is set up how you like, pretend like you’re actually out in the woods. Play games, enjoy snacks, and tell stories by flashlight. The possibilities for your indoor camping activities are as endless as your imaginations.
Visit an indoor jungle gym
For families that prefer to keep moving, a great boredom buster is an indoor park or jungle gym. It can be a great alternative for when your local playground is now an underwater park. Laser tag is another great way to burn off some of their extra energy. Do some research ahead of time to find out what facilities are available near you. Whether it’s indoor miniature golfing, a trampoline park, or even an indoor pool, these locations offer a great way to get everyone’s heart pumping. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even create a playground in your own home.
Explore your city
If you’re willing to brave the rain in between running from the house to the car, then a trip through the neighborhood is another excellent way to spend a rainy day. Playing tourist will have your family looking at your neighborhood in a totally different way. Grab the umbrellas and venture into unfamiliar shops, museums, and historical buildings in your area. Don’t forget to snap some family photos as you explore.
As the rainy season approaches, you can expect more wet days in your future. If you plan on visiting cultural points of interest or spending time at an indoor jungle gym, these rainy days can quickly eat into your rainy-day fund. If you spend all this extra cash on fun things to do, you might not have enough left over to cover an unexpected repair or bill.
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Whatever you do… just don’t let the rain stop you
Though most people (including your little ones) prefer sunny days, the rainy ones shouldn’t be a complete write-off. With some thought and planning, a drizzly day can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your family. So take a tip from this list and spend your next wet and dreary day doing something fun!

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