5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In The Environment

If your kids are glued to the phone, tablet, and TV screens, then it may be time to teach them more about the outdoor environment. Doing so will not only be enjoyable, but will also help them understand more about the planet. The ideas presented below are both fun and likely to be educational, so consider giving them a try.
1. Go Hiking
Kids are designed to be active, so if you think they need a real break from tablets, computers, and video games, then how about going for a hike. You don’t need to climb the highest point in your locale as a simple bushwalk will do the trick. On the way take the time to point out any interesting flora and fauna.
If the outing turns out to be popular, you may be able to turn hiking into a regular event.
2. Get Them Gardening
Setting up your kids with their own patch of soil is a great way to get them outdoors and to learn about how plants grow. Often kids view gardening as a chore, but this can quickly change when they see how fun it is in the dirt.
Start them off with seeds that will proliferate. Sunflowers and beans are good options. Teach them the basics about different types of soil, how to plant, and how to water.
3. Take Them To The Zoo
What kid doesn't love the zoo? By taking them for a visit, they can learn more about wildlife from across the globe. You may like to teach them about which countries different animals originate from and let them know what kind of foods they munch on.
4. Teach Them About Recycling
Recycling may sound boring, but by putting a spin on it, you can get kids interested. Consider having an arts and crafts session with recyclable cans, bottles, and plastic bags. Doing so reinforces the idea that you can do more with these items then simply chucking them in the trash.
You should also be teaching by example. If you’re hurling recyclable goods in with your general waste, then your kids are going to follow suit. How about setting up an extra bin, labeling it as “recycling” and teaching your kids what they can and can’t throw in it.
5. Teach Them About Some Interesting Creatures
The world is full of many unique creatures that can excite children. Electric eels, Komodo dragons, and Bathyphysa Conifer are creations that may fascinate your kids. It can be hard for the young ones to understand just how diverse life is on the planet, and by showing them examples of what’s possible, you may help enhance their understanding of their environment.
Final Thoughts
Kids are naturally curious and are likely to jump at the chance to learn more about their environment. These activities will make a nice break from the usual forms of entertainment (tablets, phones, etc.) and help them learn more about their planet.

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