7 Healthy Alternatives to All Time Favorite Junk Foods

We call it junk food, but deep in our hearts, we all want it. It’s almost always an inevitable fact that junk food tastes exceptionally better than traditional healthy food, making it so much harder to keep a healthy diet. To help you out a bit in this regard, here are seven famous junk foods we all love and some healthier alternatives to each of them that are actually quite tasty themselves.
French Fries
French fries are both loved by all foodies and hated by health enthusiasts, but what none of them can deny is the fact that those potatoes taste irresistibly good! The alternative we have for you is the baked potato in coconut oil. The oil is healthy, the potatoes are crispy and it tastes great too.
Ice Cream
It’s hard to replace ice cream with anything else in the whole world, so we are just going to skip that step and suggest vegan ice cream instead. In place of dairy, vegan ice cream is made from coconut milk and it’s actually quite delicious. Not to mention you will be doing your guts a favor by avoiding lactose.
Potato Chips
The even more unhealthy brother of the French fries, potato chips are infamous for being both irresistible for the taste buds and harmful for the arteries. So, it’s time you replaced them with kale chips, tomato chips, or butternut squash chips. There are also many other alternative chips that are less harmful than the traditional potato chips and we suggest that you try out a number of them before deciding which flavor you like the most.
Mac and Cheese
If you like mac and cheese a bit too much to give up on it, the good news is that you don’t have to! There are way too many healthy recipes with the likes of butternut squash and chick peas for the delicious treat to be replaced with something else.

You may not see it as junk food, but it most certainly isn’t going to help you get to your health goals any faster. Replace traditional pancakes with banana-oat pancakes which don’t even need the maple syrup because bananas are plenty sweet by themselves.
Chocolate bars have long been displayed as one of the staple junk foods and for good reason. They do pack in a lot of sugar, dairy and overall calories. However, the good news is that you don’t really have to give up on chocolate itself. All you need to do is replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Even dark chocolates contain enough calories to be bad for you when consumed in large quantities, so satiate your chocolate cravings with just a few squares per day.
This one is really bad for you and there’s no going around it. Replace soda completely with water and sweet tea (hot or cold). If you have been drinking soda regularly for a long time now, you will see amazing changes once you give it up.
We already mentioned how tasty junk food is and how hard it can be to give up on our favorite ones, but there’s another side to this story. The thing is that once you do start eating a healthier diet, you will actually feel more comfortable with eating healthy food, rather than junk food. However, to keep things interesting and delicious, we always need to try new recipes and must stay updated with the latest innovations in healthy eating habits. This is precisely where a source like Cuisine Study comes in as being so useful. Click view site to find plenty of healthy, delicious recipes, and even if you are new to cooking, there are some very helpful guides on there to hone the newbie cook into an expert one.

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