Tips on How To Get Your Children To Enjoy Fruits

Fruits are good for your children’s health and growth. The vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals found in fruits help with boosting immunity and the development of the child. They also have the added advantage of being low on calories and zero added sugars. However, it is often a huge challenge when it comes to getting children to allow fruits in their diets. They often tend to hate certain fruits, sometimes without even trying them. They will always want to be served only with their favorite fruit while different fruits offer different health values. So how do you get them to be an all-round fruit lovers? Here are tips that might be of help;
Start early
Introduce your children to a variety of fruits at an early age and see how to work around what they like and what they dislike. The older they get, the stronger they hold on to their convictions about given foods. Do not give up when they say no to given fruits initially. Some need time to adjust their preferences to something new in their diet. Repeated exposure helps a lot.
Make fruit time fun
Most of the times fruits are served after meals. This mostly finds them full already and unwilling to take in more. You don’t have to be traditional. Make them enjoy having fruits and not see it as a routine. Instead of serving them whole fruits, cut them in shapes they interact with on the daily. Make them see it as a fun activity rather than a healthy living routine. Children enjoy fun things.
Lead by example
Your children will most likely observe your behavior and do as you do, not as you say. So serving them fruits while you enjoy french fries and cold soda is bound to fail terribly. They’ll see fruits as sort of punishment. “This is not for children” philosophy won’t work. Be as excited about eating fruits as you would wish your children to be. Be the role model they look up to. Encourage the older members of the family to do the same. If possible, make it a family activity.
Keep fruits within their reach
Children will need something to chew on throughout the day. They will always be taking breaks from their play to run to the kitchen. Keep fruits in open spaces where they can easily reach them. Let it be something they can easily grab without having to call out to adults. Fruits can stay at room temperatures for given hours without losing taste.
Use the aid of literature
Literature stimulates brain activity, not only in adults but also children. Books and pictures can get the children curious about trying out certain fruits, even if they are unfamiliar with them. Visual children books about fruits can get them on board faster where ‘do this for mommie’ failed. Worldnewshub.Org has tips on children literature books about healthy living.
Take them shopping for fruits

What better way to get them to love fruits than to let them have a say on what they want to eat? Besides, it may expose them to new fruits and spark their curiosity. Take the children on grocery shopping and let them choose what they would like to try.

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