Activities For Children With Limited Computer Usage

Technological devices are becoming increasingly popular with children in everyday life. It is common for many parents to calm down their kids by giving them a tablet or smartphone to play with. For this reason, watching Youtube videos or browsing through websites has now become a past time for many children. However, it may not be the best option concerning a child’s development.

When a child is having an increasing control of his or her attention, the front of his brain is developing, allowing him also to be more resistant to other frustrations of life. The principle that makes most video games, applications, and TV shows so fun and entertaining is that they do not demand that level of concentration from the child. Instead, they go back to their early childhood and catch their attention with movement and images. In the long term, this will cause concentration difficulties and does not give the child the ability to tolerate frustration.

Many scientific studies indicate that early or prolonged exposure to technological devices with children can affect the development of different structures and functions of the developing brain. Longer exposure time to these devices (tablets, smartphones, video games and television) is related to higher rates of attention deficit disorder, obesity and childhood depression. To avoid your child experiencing such problems in future, it is best to engage them in activities that do not include the constant use of computers. The following activities may, therefore, be suitable:

Set Up Fun And Creative Activities
Creative activities such as crafting and drawing can help each child develop their practical skills. If your child does insist on using the computer, there are many creative online platforms which can be very child-friendly. For example, they can use Adobe Spark as a flyer maker to design their posters and flyers which they can print out and hang on the walls.

Explore Nature

The forest is an experience with all the senses, and for children, it’s an adventure playground with endless secrets waiting to be discovered. Without much effort and consideration, you will find great games in the forest that are fun for children of all ages. Whether log balancing, pine cone throwing or hiding games, nature has much to offer for little adventurers.

Play A Musical Instrument
Learning to play an instrument is fun and trains the brain very well. Find out which instrument interests them the most, perhaps it could be the piano or the guitar which they choose. Learning an instrument changes a child’s brains cognitive functions, and of course, makes it easier for a child to enjoy a vast variety of genres of music.  

What Should Do If Your Children Keep Insisting On Using Their Devices?

The best way to avoid any problems or arguments based around using computer devices is to set some rules. For example, they can prevent the use of any technology, especially cell phones and television, at dinner time and when sitting at the family table. You can also maintain a minimum communication of at least 15 minutes a day with the children. Speak with confidence, quality and time. This way, they can respect the rules of device usage, and not feel too entitled. Also, the knowledge of the different types of harassment you can encounter online including cyberbullying, grooming, and sexting, helps children to be more protected and be more cautious.

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