Five Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun ways to celebrate any expectant mother. Motherhood, after all, is a big deal, and regardless of whether this child is her very first, or her fifth, a baby shower is just what the doctor ordered. Not only can you celebrate her new baby, but you, your friends and her family can all pitch in to get her items that she will truly need and use, or that her new baby will love. It’s a fun way to celebrate and help out, and to help you throw the best baby shower she’s ever been to, consider incorporating some of these ideas into your planning:

Gift Ideas for the Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun parties expectant mothers have with their friends and families, but baby shower gifts should always aim to be functional and practical. The more you can help her out with upcoming motherhood, the better. Aim to get gifts that are sentimental, practical, or helpful.
Create a Registry of Baby Items
If you are surprising the mother-to-be with a baby shower, then the registry you will put together will just be an organizational tool to help you and all her friends buy unique and practical gifts. Have a spreadsheet with all the items available in a shared document. That way if someone is planning on buying organic and reusable diapers from TGN Baby, they can put their name against it so that no one else buys the same item. Doing this will spread out the gifts and give the mother-to-be all that she needs to take care of her newborn.

Tip: Don’t Just Get Newborn Items
A great tip when selecting and even buying gifts is to remember that babies grow very quickly. That’s why sometimes the best gift you can give is something meant for older babies, rather than just newborns. You could, for example, get her a set of baby’s pajamas so that the baby has cute loungewear throughout their first year.

Party Ideas for a Successful Shower
Where you host the baby shower will depend entirely on what you and the other guests agree on. Unless the expectant mother is hosting the event herself, you will generally have to decide what venue, and how much everyone wants to spend. You could rent out a back area at a brunch venue and have everyone agree to pay for themselves and split the bill for the expecting mother, or you can host it at someone’s home and have everyone bring food and drinks.

Create a Time Capsule for the Baby
Time capsules can be absolutely beautiful gifts for later on down the road, which makes it the best tradition to start at the baby shower. Get a chest, box, or book and start. You can have everyone who attends write a letter to the child which they will be able to open and read on their 18th birthday. If you make it so that things can be added to this time capsule, then you can get together for the child’s birthday and add to it every year. Combined, this will make one of the most special and touching gifts of all to give.

There are so many ways to make a baby shower special. Just remember to be practical or sentimental with what you give, and that the baby shower is as much about the mother-to-be as it is about the new arrival!

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