How to Travel Even When You Have Some Mobility Issues

For anyone who loves to flit around the globe to different countries, the last thing they want to think about is suddenly being faced with mobility issues. If you suffer an injury or age-related impairment to your legs, ankles, or hips that create difficulties with walking, it doesn’t mean you can never travel again. You just need to look at how to better manage it while still seeing the places that you desire.
Here are some thoughts on how to travel when you have difficulty walking or getting up steps.
Using the Right Luggage for You
Using a suitcase that you carry isn’t going to work. You could use a suitcase with caster wheels on it, but then you’re having to pull it along while struggling to walk through the airport, which isn’t ideal. The stop-start motion won’t help you get to the plane when rushing for a last-minute flight.

The best idea if you have walking difficulties is to use a backpack. We’d suggest packing light. Whatever you think you can comfortably carry on your back – make that 1/3 of the size and weight – and you’ll be about right. Most things like clothes and toiletries can be picked up at your destination. Just take the essentials to lighten the load and reduce the size of the backpack. You can “one bag” it to just use a carry on and really go minimalistic when you fly or take a bus. Your back will thank you too.
Check Which Tourist Destinations Have Uneven Ground
Look at information on Trip Advisor, check the website for each tourist destination, or send them a quick email to ask. You can look at tourist photos in Google and those submitted to Trip Advisor to see how accessible it looks.
Not every place will be easy to walk around. For instance, if you visit the Greek Islands, much of the landscape is uneven and rocky in places. Even the streets can be a challenge to walk on when you have zero mobility problems. It’s still accessible, but you just must be willing to either walk slower or take a taxi, an Uber, or another form of transport to skip over the worst of the uneven roads and sidewalks.
Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Mobility Aid
People are hesitant to use walking aids to get around. They see a rollator, a cane, or other mobility devices as a negative thing. That’s completely the wrong way to look at it. What mobility aids do is allow you to gain access to places that otherwise would be impossible to visit due to becoming a little unsteady on your feet. They are in fact little life savers!
You shouldn’t let problems with walking stop you. Whether you have arthritis, have sustained a sports injury or there is another reason for not being the steadiest on your feet, you can travel anyway. Just use one of the excellent walking aids to help you get around better.

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