4 Ways to Save Money on Dental Services


No matter your age, you need to see a dentist. After all, these professionals will help ensure your oral health is intact as well as provide your teeth with a professional cleaning and dental care one to two times per year. However, some people forgo the dentist because of the cost. But a dentist bill doesn’t have to be so expensive that you put your oral health at risk. Instead, it’s important for you to find the best possible ways to save money on the dental services you need, whether it’s a typical cleaning or more in-depth orthodontic care. No matter your age or services needed, here are  four ways to save money on dental services.

1. Opt for insurance.
Whether you already have dental insurance or you need to get some, taking advantage of dental insurance can help reduce the overall cost of your dental services. For instances, some dental plans will cover preventative care at 100%, which means that things like cleanings, fluoride, and sealers will not cost you a thing. In addition, this dental insurance will also cover other services by paying a percentage of the overall cost. For instance, if your insurance covers braces at 50%, then your $4000 bill could end up only being $2000.

If you don’t currently have insurance, then it’s important for you to find it. There are plenty of dental insurance providers you can get on your own. Just be sure you compare the costs as well as the benefits of each before you decide which one to get.

If you currently have insurance, be sure the dentist you’re choosing is covered by your insurance. After all, if you choose a dentist who isn’t covered in your dental plan, then your insurance won’t cover a portion of the cost. That’s why you need to call the dentist and see if they accept your insurance before you schedule your appointment.

2. Check for dental discounts.
Some dentists will offer discounts to individuals based on their insurance, their dental services, or just as their own marketing initiative. Before you schedule your appointment, call the dentist and find out if they offer any discounts for the services you need. For instance, some dental providers will offer a discount for those who may not have insurance, and this can help you save money. Some may offer an incentive or discount for referrals, so find out and see if you take advantage of that. If you can find dental discounts, you’ll end up saving money on the overall cost of your dental services.

3. Try a school or clinic.
If you have a dental school or dental clinic in the area, consider having your dental services done there. These places are designed to help individuals learn their trade, which means they offer dental services for a lower cost than a traditional dentist or oral healthcare provider. Contact different schools and clinics in the area and see if the accept patients. If so, schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that while you will be saving money, chances are the time it will take may be longer just because of the learning aspect of it. If you are crunched on time, then this may not be the best idea. But, if you have time and want to save money, then this is the way to go.

4. Find additional funds.
If you’re really worried about affording dental care, then it’s a good idea to find additional funds where you can. This can mean anything from taking on an extra job to generate some extra income or starting  a hobby where you can charge people. Just be sure to put this money aside and use it to cover your dental expenses.

If that’s not an option, you should look for a charity. For instance, Dental Lifeline Network is designed to help low-income families afford the dental care they need. There may be other charities or programs out there designed to help you, so it just requires you to keep your eye out and do some research. Talk to your dentist and see if they area aware of anything that could help you.

Your dental care is extremely important, but the cost of dental services can put a damper on your oral healthcare. However, if you use these four tips, you can find out that saving money on  dental care is easier than you think.

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