How to Spot the Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

If you have suspicions that one of your loved ones is using drugs, it’s important that you act on your gut feeling. Closely observing your loved one and knowing the warning signs can help when it comes to them receiving the right care. With that in mind, here are several signs to help you spot the warning signs of drug abuse.
Changes in Behavior
Drug abuse tends to alter a person’s habits and behavior. Some drugs can also impair the brain’s ability to think clearly and focus. There are various signs to look out for, such as a change in attitude and personality, increased irritability or aggression, dramatic changes in their priorities or habits, as well as involvement in criminal activity. Make sure to keep a close eye on your loved one and note down any changes. 
Neglecting Their Appearance
Many people who abuse drugs tend to show signs of poor hygiene. If you’ve noticed that your loved one isn’t taking care of themselves, this could be a sign that they have a drug addiction. For example, if they usually make an effort with their appearance and recently you have noticed hair is always messy, or they look like they haven’t showered for a few days, this will show that they are no longer taking an interest in their appearance. Other signs to look out for include glazed or bloodshot eyes, constricted or dilated pupils, as well as problems sleeping or sleeping too much.
Social Changes
If your loved one is beginning to withdraw themselves from social events, this could be another sign that they are using drugs. They may begin to not show up for significant events, or for work, which should raise alarm bells. To gain more clarity, you may benefit from speaking to others who know them well so you can be certain. If your loved one is known to be outgoing and friendly, you will be able to spot the warning signs immediately.
Financial Trouble
If your loved one is dependent on drugs, it’s likely that they will need more money than usual. If they are unable to borrow money from their nearest and dearest, they may resort to stealing to fund their habit. Make sure to keep track of all valuable items in your home, as well as money laying around. If you start to notice things disappearing, this could be a sign that they’re using drugs.
Taking Action
Now you have an idea of some of the warning signs of drug abuse, it’s important that you’re there for your loved one. If they have admitted to their drug use, and want to get help, they may benefit from an outpatient drug program. Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue provide outpatient drug treatment and outpatient drug rehab to The Greater/Seattle Bellevue area, which can help your loved one get back on track.

If any of the signs listed resonate with you, it’s important that you take action. It’s only natural that you will have your loved one’s best interests at heart, so being there to provide love and support can make a huge difference, especially if they’re reluctant to get help. Drug addiction can not only affect the person, but everyone around them, so seeking appropriate help as quickly as possible is important.

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